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Terroirs Vivants
Country: France
Region: Languedoc
Size: 310 hectares (over 40 vineyards)
Producer: Jacques Frelin
Organic Since: 1983
 Terroirs Vivants

For Jacques Frelin it all started in the mid 1980's. After studying agricultural and food technology in Paris and spending a further year learning about wine on a 'Formation de Sommelier' course at 'l'Université du Vin' in the Provençal town of Suze la Rousse, he set up as a winemaker in the South of France.

In 2000 he started to work in close partnership with Olivier Azan and Louis Andrieu. To communicate the company's ethos more clearly, the three partners launched a new name and logo in 2007: Terroirs Vivants. However since 2010, Jacques has run things single-handedly with the backing of his old friend Frédérique Lachaux.

The estate
The vineyards of the three partners together cover 766 acres and produce 2 million bottles per annum. This makes it the largest organic wine operation in this important region, aiming to meet and adapt to the changing taste of the market, sometimes with the assistance of visiting British and Antipodean wine-makers. All its activities are conducted under the 'cahier des charges' (rule book) of the FNIVAB (Fédération Nationale des Vins Bios).

Organic philosophy
Their professional ambition is to maintain a stable and lasting market for French organic wine, and to do their bit to see organic wine develop to a level of global importance.

For Frelin the bottom line is that he wants to make great wines, which as a bonus are made from organic grapes. He's been striving to improve quality since the very start. The first wine we took from him (in the mid 1980's) was a pleasant enough but decidedly rustic red vin de pays, bursting with simple blackcurrant fruit. Since then the range available has grown to over 60 wines.

Jacques Frelin is very busy man. His job is demanding but he aims to keep weekends free to be with his daughters and pursue his interest in sailing, cycling and tennis.

Products at Vinceremos
Pays d'Oc Rouge (50cl), Chatelaine Stephanie Rouge, La Nature Le Rouge, Domaine le Soleiller Rouge, Merlot La Marouette, Pinot Noir La Marouette, Corbieres de l'Ancien-Courrier, Minervois Chateau la Reze, Faugeres Domaine Laborie-Fouisseau, Coteaux du Tricastin, St Chinian Dom. la Peyrouse, Cabernet Sauvignon Phare du Cap, Merlot Phare du Cap, Cotes du Ventoux, Vin de, Cabardes Domaine Maurel, VDP du Gard Dom de Caylus, Bordeaux Chateau du Moulin, Cuvee Capucine Chateau Moulin, Cotes du Rhone Contreforts, Crozes Hermitage Contreforts, Naturebox Bag in Box Red.

La Nature Le Blanc, Domaine le Soleiller Blanc, Domaine de Petit Roubie, Picpoul de Pinet, Petit Roubie Marsanne, Chardonnay La Marouette, Viognier La Marouette, Sauvignon Blanc La Marouette, Caylus Cotes de Gascogne, Naturebox Bag in Box White.

Syrah Rosé Marouette, Domaine le Soleiller Rosé

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